Secure data handling


Secure communication & data management

The SL TecH2 GmbH is not only responsible for the responsible planning and execution of your tests, we are also fully aware of the sensitivity of your data.


The topics of secure communication and the secure handling of your data and information are steadily gaining in importance. We are prepared for this:


  • All outsourced data is stored on German servers
  • Data are password protected and also available to customers for download (on request)
  • E-mail communication according to BSI-TR-031
  • End-to-end encryption for e-mail (S / MIME encryption)
  • Publish root certificate: here you can download the root certificate

    SHA256 Fingerprint: de71fe8f7b10ec182707f559361a39a2594c77ac4d90586e991c7650131dcef1

    SHA1 Fingerprint: 27593e17a7280644f669a53bacba9c4cb0268b06


You would like to start a request with sensitive data directly?


Write us on and we will contact you in encrypted form.

Put your data in safe hands - ask us.