Our new Area for Safety Tests

Since mid-2018, SL TecH2 GmbH has expanded its space for safety testing by adding another site in the immediate vicinity.


In addition to the already existing possibilities to carry out bursting and fire tests from EC 79/2009 & EU / 406/2010 or e.g. the ECE-R 134 around the subject of hydrogen, the range of services now also extends to HV batteries with high energy contents, at which safety-relevant components and functions can be checked.


The range of services starts with tests which, although associated with an increased safety risk, are usually not destructive to the component. For example, with IP degree of protection according to ISO 20653 for "sharp" HV batteries or the effects of thermal cycles including humidity or thermal shocks. Also drop tests are possible.


Focus of the expansion are test benches and testing stations for HV batteries. This creates a variety of possible tests. Electrical overstress such as over- / deep-discharging, overcurrent, short-circuits can be tested. The test spectrum also covers mechanical influences such as the penetration of nails or punches. In addition, safety technology for HV batteries such as storage or transport containers can be tested. A variety of other applications is thinkable and feasible.


An extract of possible test followint international or national standartization:

UN T 38.3     /    ECE R 100    /    ECE R 136    /    SAE J 2464       /    IEC 62133    /    FreedomCAR    /    DIN EN 62620    /    DIN EN 62281    /    DIN EN 62660-1&2    /    GB/T 31467.3-2015

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