the company

the company

„Energy supply and mobility of tomorrow“ – Short paths and flat hierarchies accompany our thinking.


SL TecH2 was founded as a one-man business in 2007 by Dipl. Ing. Stefan Liphardt. The company established itself rapidly as a specialist in the field of alternative drive systems due to its high level of commitment and flexibility. In August 2012, the single company transformed into the limited liability company SL Tech2 GmbH. The basis of our work was the validation of fuel cell drive trains, which for the first time ever were integrated in large numbers in classic combustion cars. Our special knowledge has built up around the topics of requirement engineering & specification, the derivation and implementation of test cases, as well as error management.


In August 2012, the sole proprietorship became SL TecH2 GmbH, which currently employs over 20 people.


Our proven international solutions combined with expertise on high pressure and high voltage technology built up over the years will give you convincing competitive advantages. Consequently we established our own constantly expanded infrastructure in high pressure and high voltage testing , cycle testing, safety tests and tests on your special requirements.


Constantly growing amounts of data from tests and experiments, which the developers and decision-makers must always keep clear and evaluable, resulted in the establishment of the Data Science division in March 2014.


In July 2018, SL TecH2 GmbH opened a second location in 73340 Amstetten. This primarily focuses on performing security tests. The focus is on misuse tests for HV batteries or alternative energy storage devices, as well as underfiring and bursting tests of pressurized components or systems.


Based on our many years of experience, we combine the know-how from component development with the know-how for carrying out tests for you.